About Me

Welcome to my photo blog! EZ7A2928

This website is just a fun project that I recently decided to use to document one of my favorite hobbies and to encourage myself to take my camera on more adventures.

I started taking photos around nine years ago, when all I had was my chunky Sony Cybershot point and shoot. I brought it wherever I went, snapping hundreds of photos on any given day. I was “that guy” at events who friends counted on to document all the funny moments (and embarrassing ones!). Some of you may even remember the good ol’ PDKL.net days when my friend and I shared a website to post all of our albums. In my junior year of high school, I officially got my hands on a film SLR in Ms. Nixon’s black and white film photography class and I have been hooked ever since.

My projects range from random fun day trips,  to cityscapes, to random pictures of friends.

I am excited to discover where my hobby will lead me, and hopefully you will join me as I share snapshots of life’s beautiful moments.

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